Tips For Creating A Bug Free Environment

The world is filled with bugs.  Bugs have a place on this planet as the cleanup crew of dead things.  However, there are other bugs that don’t really seem to have a specific purpose or really offer any benefit to us.  When we look at these bugs, we call them pests.


One of the biggest nuisances are ticks.  Ticks are blood sucking parasites that really have no defined use.  True they are food for some types of birds and other animals, but in regard to what they give back is very little.  For this reason, residential tick control centreville is widely needed to ensure that they don’t enter into our orbit of influence

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Clean up your environment

One of the main reasons that bugs, and insects come into our space is because they are in search of something that they need.  For instance, they need warmth, food, water and a place to reproduce.  When they find this, they will start to make themselves comfortable.

What we want to do is clean up our environment so that they don’t want to be here.  We want to wipe up any standing water, throw out any food that we may have laying around and wipe down everything so that we don’t have anything that could attract them.


Toxins and poisons are always ways to go when it comes to taking care of insects.  The problem with these is that they need to remain on our surfaces in order to work.  For those that want to use spray and other methods make sure that the poisons that are used natural in nature.  When we use non-natural compounds, we tend to fight the plague with another plague.  If we use natural compounds, then they will break down in the environment and keep us from getting sick.